North Ottawa eyes opportunities in merger with Trinity Health

North Ottawa eyes opportunities in merger with Trinity Health

GRAND HAVEN — In deciding to merge into the large Trinity Health ecosystem, North Ottawa Community Health System potentially stands to reap one immediate benefit: a greater ability to attract physicians. Like most small health systems in small towns, North Ottawa often cited difficulty in recruiting physicians, particularly specialists, because of the low patient volume … Read more

Farm youth mental health often overlooked

Farm youth mental health often overlooked

Mental health has come to the forefront in recent years, including the mental health of farmers and others involved in agriculture. “Agriculture is a uniquely stressful industry. Individual producers are forced to reckon with conditions that are completely out of their control,” says Josie Rudolphi, PhD, an assistant professor and Extension specialist at the University … Read more

Tony Mestaz changed his life battling health issues, now prepares for Sparta Trifecta World Championship

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Tony Mestaz has seen and experienced many ups and downs — the highs of thousands of feet in the Kern County mountains in training for an endurance race, to the lows of multiple health setbacks — cancer and diabetes to name just two. But at 60, Mestaz, from Shafter, is the … Read more

Is tanning healthy? 8 in 10 Europeans still believe so, survey shows

Share on PinterestTanning comes with many associated health risks that offset the benefits of vitamin D. BONNINSTUDIO/Stocksy Researchers from La Roche-Posay Laboratories and Ipsos wanted to see how prevalent the belief that suntanning is healthy is among different populations. Despite years of campaigns that warn about the dangers of suntanning, people still are not overly … Read more

Reduce the stigma around workers’ mental health

Key points Among more than 11,000 respondents to a survey commissioned by Mental Health America as part of its 2022 “Mind the Workplace” report, 66% disagreed with the statement: “My company’s leadership speaks openly about mental health in my workplace.” Employers need to normalize respectful conversation and attitudes around mental health concerns. Understanding the mental … Read more

Dividend Investors: Don’t Be Too Quick To Buy Cardinal Health, Inc. (NYSE:CAH) For Its Upcoming Dividend

Some investors rely on dividends for growing their wealth, and if you’re one of those dividend sleuths, you might be intrigued to know that Cardinal Health, Inc. (NYSE:CAH) is about to go ex-dividend in just four days. The ex-dividend date occurs one day before the record date which is the day on which shareholders need … Read more

Does Healthcare Produce Health? | MedPage Today

Medical care can diagnose illness and injury, but a lack of medical care is not the cause of illness or injury. Medicine is more an art than a science. State-of-the-art care changes over time. When I was in medical school In 1972, a professor of medicine began his lecture by informing us that, “In 10 … Read more

White House conference shines desperately needed spotlight on hunger, nutrition and health – SaportaReport

By Guest Columnists MATTHEW PIEPERexecutive director of Open Hand Atlanta and KEVIN WOODSpresident of the Atlanta Medical Association. After moving to Atlanta in 2020, David, a successful publicist and professor, found himself in financial crisis after the pandemic wreaked havoc on his career. Things spiraled into a full-fledged catastrophe when a rare disease left him … Read more

Mindy Greiling on mental health and mentorship – Minnesota Women’s Press

This ongoing series of conversations with Minnesota women about their engagement in politics was created as a collaboration between Amra Avdic, journalist and project director of the Contemporary Women’s Festival in Bosnia, and Minnesota Women’s Press, thanks to support from the global Community Solutions Program in Fall 2021. Amra interviewed Minnesota women engaged with politics … Read more