Eyeing state funding, Kaleida Health says financial help likely won’t arrive until next year

If Kaleida Health was banking on financial aid from New York State this fiscal year, well, better luck next year. At least that’s what top Kaleida officials say they have been told. “The state has shared that they did not anticipate, at least in this current fiscal year, the number of hospitals that would be … Read more

Pakistan floods: Children face a new disaster — diarrhea, dengue and other waterborne diseases

WARNING: SOME OF THE IMAGES AND VIDEO IN THIS STORY ARE DISTURBING Sindh province, Pakistan CNN — The baby sleeps listlessly on the hospital bed, her frail and dehydrated body fighting for survival. Next to her lies a motionless infant wrapped in a white cloth, who died just minutes earlier. One hour later, another child … Read more

Striking health care workers in Germany: “Privatization was a big mistake!”

A 24-hour warning strike Tuesday at the University Hospital of Giessen and Marburg (UKGM) has once again exposed the disastrous working conditions in Germany’s nursing profession. And this is not their first strike. In recent weeks, both nursing staff and clinic employees have struck four times at UKGM, causing significant cancellation of treatments and operations. … Read more

Valley News – Dozens of Dartmouth Health staff being shifted to Texas-based billing company

LEBANON — About 50 employees of Dartmouth Health in Lebanon are slated to become employees of Conifer Health Solutions, a Texas-based company that oversees DH’s billing and collections, starting late next month. The move, scheduled to take effect Oct. 23, brings DH’s Lebanon location in line with the health system’s other locations that already rely … Read more

Biden declares the pandemic ‘over’

President Joe Biden’s declaration in a national interview that the covid-19 pandemic is “over” has complicated his own administration’s efforts to get Congress to provide more funding for treatments and vaccines, and to get the public to go get yet another booster. Meanwhile, concerns about a return of medical inflation for the first time in … Read more

The Mental Health Crisis, How We Got Here, and Where We Go Next

Addressing the mental health crisis in the United States warrants innovation in treatment and recovery, and the development of mechanisms to provide and pay for them accordingly. When assessing the current state of mental health in the United States, the issue is often described as an epidemic, and one that’s been magnified by the COVID-19 … Read more

How Health Care Costs Eat Into The Incomes Of Older Adults

Male nurse measures blood pressure to senior man with mask while being in a home visit. getty A great misconception of aging in America is the belief that Medicare will pay for your health care needs in old age. It won’t. It will pay for some of those medical costs. But a typical senior can … Read more

Health Care – Supreme Court Petitions and Cases

During the 2022 term and beyond, several issues involving health care will finally make their way to the Supreme Court. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) Although the Court upheld the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (the “ACA”) intact in California v. Texasother cases involving specific provisions of the ACA remain ongoing. … Read more