Engaging vulnerable populations: Making the right connections for better health

A woman from a low-income neighborhood chooses not to receive care from her closest health center, which is located in a wealthy community, because of a demeaning interaction she previously had with the office staff there. A Spanish-speaking man whose prostate cancer has been in remission avoids making a follow-up appointment because he’s uncomfortable navigating … Read more

How to stay at the forefront of healthcare innovation

Healthcare is an industry designed to provide essential services and care for patients to improve their health and well-being. Over generations, the expertise of medical professionals has allowed the industry to continuously innovate and meet the ever-changing demands and needs of patients — ranging from spikes in mental health to safety concerns regarding an in-person … Read more

More doctors are suffering burnout, and health systems must do more

A panel of physicians said it’s not about building more resilience. Health organizations need to offer resources and reduce burdens that are taxing their physicians. More doctors are experiencing burnout, and it’s becoming a matter of serious concern for healthcare leaders. Physician burnout has reached a new high, according to a study published in Mayo … Read more