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As a veteran of therapy (in-person and online, one-on-one and group, individual and couples), I approached Calmerry with a clear idea of ​​what to look for. I wanted cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help me navigate transitions related to aging, wellness and caregiving.

Signing up. When I first created an account and logged on, I completed the online questionnaire. The questions provided Calmerry with a comprehensive summary of my medical and psychological history, family issues and goals for therapy.

Next, I communicated via online chat with a “mental health assistant.” She explained the various plans available, then immediately asked which one sounded good. I understand she was just doing her job, but I felt pressured.

I logged in the following evening after deciding to sign up for the plan with unlimited messaging and four 30-minute video chats per month. The assistant processed my payment and questionnaire to find a counselor matching my needs.

After a half-hour wait, she provided two counselors’ names. I asked if I could see some additional profiles but was told only these two matched my questionnaire. I quickly Googled them both and one looked like a good fit: A cognitive therapist specializing in life transitions who practices narrative therapy. As a writer, I liked the sound of that. I picked her.

Introductions. I immediately contacted my counselor through the Calmerry messaging app, and we had several text conversations before our first video session.

While initial in-person therapy sessions can sometimes feel bogged down with providing context such as my background and the past, we were able to speed through much of that process in our texts.

Video sessions. I decided to combine the four 30-minute sessions into two 60-minute sessions. To make this happen, both my counselor and I needed to log out of the therapy session while she added an additional 30-minute session. This cumbersome process is my only complaint regarding video sessions.

The site’s scheduling page suggests that a user can simply click on an available time on a provider’s calendar and be scheduled. However, the counselor needs to initiate the first session, noting their available times in a text message. The client then accepts an invitation for the agreed-upon time.

In our first session, I launched right into the issues I wanted to address. My counselor provided a balance of empathetic compassion and thoughtful questions that challenged me to identify ways I can effect meaningful changes. It was apparent she’d studied my questionnaire, taken my text messages to heart and found medical and psychological resources. This objective information helped me see my situation in a new light.

Between sessions. My counselor contacted me several times between sessions to check on my well-being and inquire if I had anything I’d like to discuss via text. I reported on some baby-step changes, which seemed to be helping with my challenges.

Saying goodbye. As my first month of Calmerry ended, I determined I needed to find a counselor who accepts Medicare. I contacted my counselor to thank her for providing a perspective that filled in some gaps in how I’d been understanding my role as a caregiver.

She is a skilled and intuitive provider who helped me significantly in just one month. I’m grateful to Calmerry for bringing us together. If not for the insurance considerations, I would have continued with my counselor. She’s professional and compassionate, and she challenged me to change.

Other online options. While online therapy platforms like Calmerry provide a service for those who want to do therapy from home or another remote location, many local therapists and community mental health clinics also offer online counseling sessions.

Seeking a local online therapist affords you more freedom to “comparison shop” therapists’ qualifications and types of counseling offered. Local therapists’ sessions may be covered by Medicare or private insurance. Some therapists offer a sliding scale fee to make counseling more affordable.

If you find a local therapist for online counseling, you may have the option of switching to in-person in the future.

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