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Ever dreamed of living on a tree? Ever wished you could do so without giving up the luxuries of a civilized life? Well, your wish just came true!

We have designed a completely modern, yet authentic, wooden house, atop a tree. It offers you breath-taking views of the gandeur of the Himalayan mountains, the sweet sound of birds singing, fresh crisp air, and cosy interiors. It is also afixed with a completely modern bath and toilet!

We are proud to say that our Tree House cottage is only one in the whole of Himachal Pradesh.

It is ideal for honeymooning couples, as it offers cosy romantic evenings, and they can literally float on a cloud. Families with children will have unimaginable fun, as they live a top an exiting tree house. And if you're a single traveller, it the perfect place to soak in on the heavenly views and retire for the night with a book.

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